faq premades

How long will it take for my premade cover to be delivered?
All covers are delivered by email.
Expect to receive your cover within 72 hours.
( after receiving payment / if there are no special changes)
If you haven't received it after this time, please email tociljdesigns[at]outlook.de and I'll check it.


 Can I purchase the premade cover now and upgrade to print at a later date?
Yes, you can.


Can I reserve a premade cover?
Yes, you can reserve a premade cover, but you have to pay the half price.


Can you do a few changes on the premade cover?
Yes, I can do a few changes, but they cost extra.


Can I use the same cover for subsqent books of my series?
Due to licensing restrictions, I am unable to use the same image for use as a series. I will happily match covers so they tie together by using the same font(s) and/or similar images from the same photographer.


Can you provide me with the PSD file?
I do not provide editable, layered PSD files of my covers.
Should you require an adjustment to your cover after completion, please contact me. I am happy to discuss any changes you require.


Will anyone else be able to buy the same ebook cover design?
No. When you purchase a cover from us, it is removed from the site and will not be offered for sale again.

Who should I credit?

All designs should be credited as such: Cover Design by: Michelle Tocilj of Tociljdesigns.de